[SA:PP] Gamemode Rules (UPDATED: 10 DECEMBER 2018)

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Re: [SA:PP] Gamemode Rules (UPDATED: 16 NOVEMBER 2018)

Post by YahiaTGF » Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:49 pm

Added Rule 33.
You may not impose authority, with or without the presence of an administrator. You may also not force a player to adhere to a command, even if it were to follow the gamemode rules. However, you may notify a player that they are breaking a rule. If the player refuses to take the notice, simply post a player complaint or notify an administrator.

Players caught doing this in hopes of being hired into the staff team are completely ruining their chances.

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Re: [SA:PP] Gamemode Rules (UPDATED: 10 DECEMBER 2018)

Post by Ian » Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:00 pm

(In Green) Edited rule 14, since some faction rules apply to both players and faction members.
________________14. NON-RP CLOTHING
Players have the choice to pick whatever skins they want and accessories to modify their look. However, it must be something rather realistic and reasonable, in other words, not troll clothing.

_____These guidelines should also be followed:
_______• You may not switch your skin to a LEO skin as the suspect or vice versa.
_______• Do not pick silly skins that are irrelevant to the roleplay (e.g. clowns, cluckin bell).
_______• Using the skin ID 0 (CJ) is strictly forbidden.
_______• You may not accessorize your character with ridiculous objects (e.g. a bush, huge hair piece, a house).
_______• Accessorize at your own leisure and use creativity, just make sure to be original and stand out (no copying/impersonation)!
_______• You may not duplicate your look as that of another faction.

If you switched out of the default skin, you can check it again using /skinlist. Skin ID 280 is the default server skin.
Administrators have the final say on whether your skin is acceptable or not.

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