[BUG REPORT] Weapon bug

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[BUG REPORT] Weapon bug

Post by MacCarthy » Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:42 pm

  • In-game name:Mikey
  • Where is the bug? (Remove ones which do not apply): Server
  • Briefly Describe what the bug is:When you take out your M4 from the gunrack and you unholster your tazer and then holster your tazer again the M4 is gone, the only weapons you have left is the baton and the deagle.
  • How did the bug occur (If you know how): After me trying to eliminate TGS with my special tazer and then deciding to holster my tazer because he started shooting i was left with my deagle and i died.
  • Evidence (Screenshot or Video):Can be easily tested in-game.
  • Anything else?:
No thank you

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