San Andreas Police Pursuits - Update (1.8)

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San Andreas Police Pursuits - Update (1.8)

Post by Kyle » Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:29 am


This is a large update to celebrate the week of Halloween. The unique features of this update will be removed in a week when we release the next update. Thanks to everyone who helped in this update, mainly; Zayats, 2hot4athot, Ian and Nutter. Hope you all have a good holiday.

• Three new halloween themed pursuits.
• Halloween mapping (fyi its shit) in one of the pursuits.
• Angel Pine based pursuit (by Ian)
• 6 custom zombie skins for Halloween (by cody)
• Halloween message above health.
• Costume Conest (see Discord)

• /siren is now a pumpkin.
• Vehicle plates are now 'SPOOKY'
• New death messages for when criminals die.
• 3 score per kill (previously 1).
• Always night time.

• Underline on speedometer.
• A few pursuits to let the Halloween ones be priorty (temporary)

• Object errors with admin commands.
• Players spawning in DM on login.
i am lead admin

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