[Information] Guides & Tips.

Various Guides & Helpful Tips are located within this sub-forum. If you need to know anything, this may be the place you'll find out.

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[Information] Guides & Tips.

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Guides & Tips

There is only 3 rules when creating a Guide or Tip:
  • The Guide or Tip must be truthful. They can not contain false or misleading information.
  • They must not violate other server, forum or discord rules. This includes insulting, disrespect, encouraging rule breaking and so on.
  • The Guide/Tip Topic's Title must specify what the Guide or Tip is about. It should NOT include any name or irrelevant information.

There is no format for a Guide or Tip post created by a user or staff member, however it is recommended that the guide or tip is in an easy to read / understand format, and is not overly-complicated otherwise it will not actually help people. Pictures and screenshots can also help players understand.

All Guides have to be approved by a member of staff through the Forum's "Moderation Approval" system before allowed to be properly posted. This may not be an instant nor quick process at times, but you should NOT Direct Message staff asking for them to approve it.

Thank you for taking the time to create a Guide or Tip to help others thoroughly understand.
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