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[SA-PP STAFF] How To Reinstate [Guide]

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[SA-PP STAFF] How To Reinstate [Guide]

Post by SAPP » Sat Jul 03, 2021 9:16 pm


A common occurrence within the server, reinstatements are a way for ex-staff members to return to the staff team once again. Here is everything you need to know if you plan to reinstate into the staff team.
1) You need to be active. This is vital, just as if you were joining the staff team for the first time. This MUST be activity BEFORE you try and reinstate, not promising to be active after reinstating.

2) Your admin record should still remain in high standards during the time you were gone. If you've become a mass rule-breaker since leaving the staff team, don't expect to come back.

3) You can only reinstate if you were dismissed on okay or good terms with the server. This means: if you were dismissed for inactivity then there is a chance for you to return. If you resigned there is a chance for you to return. If you were dismissed for minor toxicity or attitude problems there may be a small chance for return depending on your specific case. If you were caught hacking as a staff member, or being extremely toxic don't bother trying to come back, you won't be allowed to.

4) Depending on circumstance, you might be allowed to return on the condition of being one rank lower than when you left. If this is the case given to you, it is non-negotiable if you wish to return. Those who voluntarily resigned on their own accord will not be reduced in rank, any other reason is subject to this though.

5) To reinstate, simply Direct Message any Lead Administrator plus, who in turn will bring it up for discussion amongst the relevant people. You should only Direct Message ONCE - when you are entirely ready to re-join the team, with high activity etc. Any continued pestering, bumping etc about your reinstatement will result in an instant denial of your reinstatement request.
And that is everything you should know about reinstating to the staff team, as an ex-staff member .

Thank you for reading this.