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Bug Reports Guidelines and Format.

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 7:59 pm
by Rixas
Encountered a bug that needs to be fixed? This is the place.

The following rules HAVE to be adhered to:
1) Any denial of a bug report should not be taken personally. It might not even be a bug.
2) Any bugs that can be exploited or are game breaking (eg money giving bug, or one that crashes the server) should be messaged directly to management+ on discord or on forums.
3) The format has to be followed. It's simple, so simple you probably don't even need to copy and paste it.

In order to make a bug report, create a new topic under this subforum, named [Ingame Name] Short Description of Bug
In-game Name:
Bug Location(Forum, Server or Discord):

[Rixas] /example doesn't work

Ingame Name: Rixas
Bug Location(Forum,Server or Discord): Server
Bug: /example is meant to kill everyone in the server, but when used, doesn't.

Bug Reports can also be made on our discord server, see Information and Announcements for the link.