Player Complaint Guidelines and Format.

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Player Complaint Guidelines and Format.

Post by Rixas » Sun Feb 02, 2020 8:05 pm

Encountered someone breaking the rules but unable to report in game? Report them here.

The following rules HAVE to be adhered to:
1) Any denial of a complaint should not be taken personally.
2) Evidence is needed. Chatlogs are not evidence. Suicide Ram reports need video as screenshots don't show it, and so on.
3) The format has to be followed. It's simple, so simple you probably don't even need to copy and paste it.

In order to make a complaint, create a new topic under this subforum, named [Ingame Name] Complaint on NAME OF RULEBREAKER
In-game Name:
Who are you reporting?
What rule did they break?(Short name):
Evidence(Screenshot/Video links or attachments):

[Rixas] Complaint on Insus100
In-game Name: Rixas
Who are you reporting?: Insus100
What rule did they break?(Short name): Bunnyhopping
Evidence(Screenshot/Video links or attachments): INSERT IMAGE/VIDEO OR LINK TO IMAGE/VIDEO HERE
Other: I saw him bunnyhopping outside LSPD at Pershing Square, whilst chasing Luna, who was supect.
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