Ban Appeal Guide

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Ban Appeal Guide

Post by insus100 » Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:16 pm

Use this guide to post your ban appeal please.

  • Make sure your post title is correct, as mentioned in the Ban Appeal Format.
  • If you were banned for cheating/hacking/illegal mods, cleos etc... you need to post screenshots of your GTA folders, please refer to this images:

You must provide the images as told here, else your ban appeal will be denied. The images must be FULL-SCREEN and UNEDITED

RIGHT-CLICK->OPEN IN NEW TAB to enlarge images.

1. Take a screenshot OUTSIDE of your GTA SA directory, in detail mode, as seen in the image. Make sure DATES are visible as well as your GTA SA folder.
To set view into detail mode, click on VIEW (1), then click on DETAILS (2), and take your screenshot. Make sure your GTA SA directory is visible (3) as well as the date (4).

2. Take a screenshot INSIDE your GTA SA directory with the same format, DETAIL mode and DATES visible:
Set your view to DETAIL MODE (1) and (2), and make sure the DATES are all VISIBLE (3) and (4):

Image 3. Take a screenshot INSIDE your CLEO folder if exists, in DETAIL MODE.
Again, set your view to DETAIL MODE (1) and (2), and make sure the DATES are visible (3) and (4).

Image 4. Take a screenshot INSIDE your MODLOADER folder if it exists, following step 3. instructions.