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[GUIDE] Ban appealing

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2022 11:34 pm
by insus100
If you feel like you were wrongfully banned or that you deserve an unban, you are gonna have to post a ban appeal in the Ban Appealing section Here using the format listed here.But the requirements can be confusing for people so I'm creating this guide.
Section one: The title:
This by far should be the easiest, The title to your thread should be written like this:[BANNING ADMIN] - In-Game Name | Ban Reason
Section Two: Basic questions:
_In-Game Name:
  • Here you will list your in-game name (The account that you got banned and appealing with)
Banning Admininistrator:
  • When an administrator bans you, It will give you his name in both the ban screen and the ADMCMD in the chat, you put that name here.
Screenshot of Ban Message (when you log in):
  • Here you insert a picture of the ban message/ban screen that lists the admin name, date and reason of ban
Do you think this ban is wrong?:
  • Here you should say either if the ban is wrong (You didn't do what you got banned for) or if the ban is not wrong (you did what you got banned for), don't explain the ban here.
If yes to above, Why?:
  • Here you should explain why you think the ban is wrong
Why should you be given another chance?:
  • Here you should tell us why we should unban you and give you another chance in the server
Section Three: Proof:
If you got banned for hacking/cheating, you will have to provide proof that you weren't hacking, This proof consists of 4 or more pictures of your GTA San Andreas Directory with details on.Examples:Screenshot of your GTA San Andreas folder last modified day:ImageScreenshot of your GTA San Andreas folder's contents (With last edit date) not-blurred:ImageScreenshot of your CLEO folder (if avaliable) in details mode [not-blurred]:ImageScreenshot of your Modloader folder (if avaliable) in details mode [not-blurred]:ImageYou should try your best to use Imgur, IBB or gyazo (or any sort of reliable image hosting site, that is), using any other websites will delay your appeal as we aren't going to open suspicious links (Even if they aren't suspicious in your country).Providing edited screenshots or fake screenshots will cause your appeal to get denied.
Section Four: Example:
Let's say TGS banned me for using hacks.Thread's title: [TGS] - YahiaTGF | Using HacksThread:
_In-Game Name:
  • YahiaTGF
Banning Admininistrator:
  • TGS
Screenshot of Ban Message (when you log in):**Insert a picture here**Do you think this ban is wrong?:
  • Yes
If yes to above, Why?:
  • I don't use hacks
Why should you be given another chance?:
  • I've been playing on the server for a while and haven't used hacks at all and I think i deserve another chance.
Evidence you have done nothing wrong (Where applicable, such as bans for hacks):_