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Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2022 3:23 pm
by insus100

If you are thinking of donating, it might be useful for you to know a few things. Firstly, Donations are completely your choice. Donation rewards are to show our appreciation. Secondly, donations are non-refundable. Please make sure, if you plan on donating, you actually want to do it and won't ask for a refund. Thirdly, VIP is only given to donations that are worth 5 euros or more. Lastly, if you're unable to donate via PayPal (which is what we use to process donations), please contact myself via Discord/Forum PM and we may be able to work on an alternative). Next, check who you are donating to. You wouldn't want to end up donating to a scammer, the proper link is: or /donate in-game.
Having VIP does not make you immune to bans, kicks, jails, warns and other punishments, so please don't go instantly cocky and break every rule ever.


  • Access to the VIP vehicles on /changecar; Bullet, Cheetah, Infernus, Buffalo, Sultan and more.
  • Access to a Sniper, Combat Shotgun & MP5 via /takegun as a police officer, and an automatically given sawn-off shotgun as a fugitive.
  • Armour during events, and normal pursuit rounds.
  • An Additional 200 score is added on to your current score & an extra 10,000$ added onto your account.
  • Donator role on discord, and a donator role on the forums, with access to a donator chat on the discord.
  • The ability to /colorcar your car to any color you want (as a driver). Yes, even pink (which is colorID 5 if you wanna know).
  • Exclusive /v(ip) chat in-game where you can discuss stuff with your fellow VIP friends.
SAPP reserves the right to remove VIP from any player for any valid reason or deny a player access to VIP perks.

Within the circled area on the images below, please make it clear what your in game name is. If you are donating for a friend, put YOUR NAME donating for FRIENDS NAME in there.

Example A (donating for yourself to receive VIP in-game);

Example B (Donating for your friend to receive VIP in-game);


Finally, if you have donated, or will donate, thank you for contributing to the server. & I hope you enjoy your stay on our server!

Re: Donations

Posted: Tue May 17, 2022 11:39 pm
by nekomi
Updated to reflect current perks.