Complain against Toko.

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Complain against Toko.

Post by Atpisies » Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:56 pm

  • Your In Game name?: Pashnaviba
  • Who are you reporting and what rule[s] did they break?: Toko. Hacking
  • Where did the offence[s] occur? (Remove those which do not apply.): Server
  • Is there any witnesses able to back this up?: I have no idea if someone was spectating
  • Evidence (Chatlogs are not valid evidence.): I have no evidence but a fellow admin told me to just explain in my own words what happened.
  • Other: So basically the round had started and everything was normal. (Toko was the suspect.) As the round was going I started chasing Toko who was in a usual suspect kind of car. I was driving a sultan. We went through the LS and than at one point he gained a little bit of distance. Not to worry though because at one place I gained on him and was like 30 metres from him. Then he chose to drive on almost straight road that has just some small corners where the cars maximum speed drops from 150km/h to 140km/h for me. For most of the time, I was going 150km/h. We were driving and suddenly every couple of seconds somehow he just went further and further from me. How is that possible? The only car that can go faster than sultan is that goes above 150km/h and I don't think a suspect can get a car that goes faster than a sultan. And as the round was about to end he was like almost gone on my screen. Remember that when he chose to go straight I was right behind him. And when he chose to go that road the time limit was like 3 minutes for the round to end. To get that distance that he had in the time limit you had to go faster than 160km/h. Its either game speed or boost hacks. (Game speed is a hack too). Suspects don't get really fast cars just because then the cops have no chance of catching them. Or he might have been abusing and have been putting nos on his car. I believe that you cannot put nos onto your car as a suspect. (Toko I do not hate you I just reported you because I do not like hackers.)

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Re: Complain against Toko.

Post by Rixas » Sat Oct 26, 2019 6:16 pm

Some roads are "bugged". I've experienced this before on a different server, and was shown an interesting fact. The max speed for certain vehicles is decreased on some roads, it's just a stupid GTA SA thing. For example, the massive road that passes the mall and the market hospital, makes the max speed for the FBI Rancher 111, even though it goes faster than that usually. Again, just a weird GTA thing. Report denied obviously as it wasn't Toko.
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