[SAPP] Roadmap #1 [2024]

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[SAPP] Roadmap #1 [2024]

Post by Rixas » Sat Dec 23, 2023 6:15 pm

ROADMAP & PLANS for 4.5.2
This is the Roadmap (i.e plans and intentions) for the Easter Update of 2024.

Here we will outline all of our plans and objectives for the first update of 2024, expected to release by early April as of current schedule.

We may not be able to achieve all the goals we set here, but we will certainly try.

-SAPP Management.


1. Implement Care Package System:
The current plan is to replace the /class system, the /loot system and the /blackmarket system with one single "care package" system.
Because of recent changes removing car limitations from classes, and removing score requirements from classes, it means a lot of classes provide benefits and no negatives - but you can only pick one at a time, for no reason. It's very arbitrary.

There is also a lot of various little systems that never get used, such as /loot and the currently removed-for-changes /blackmarket system.

Hence, the smart thing to do is to remove these systems and merge them in to one overarching system.. which will be the care packages.

Each player will be able to call down 1 care package during a pursuit round. This care package will contain literally anything (including: money, vehicles, shop items, ammo, extra medkit uses, track cooldown reset, weapons, score, just to name a few). Of course, suspect care packages and police care packages will have different items, after all we don't want the suspects getting a Cheetah, Bullet or Infernus from their care package.

The care package system will be simple to use, something like this:
>/carepackage (may be another command, aiming for something shorter and easier to type)
*You select where to deploy the care package*
*Care Package deploys*
>/openpackage (again, will probably use a simpler command in reality)
*Short 1 or 2 second 'opening' animation plays*
*Vehicle Spawns, Item[s] Given, and/or Buffs given*

Pretty simple.

2. New Pursuits and Events:
The next update will have no less than:
3 New Pursuits, preferably spread out at 1 per city.
2 New Events, either TDM or Escort.
1 New Event of any rarer event type, e.g bomb defusal, barracks escort.

3. Adding Vehicles:
Due to the switching from the newer car selection system back to the older car selection system, some vehicles have been lost and are no longer accessible.

We aim to add no less than 5 new vehicles for the police, and 5 new vehicles for the suspects.

4. Cache Shrinking:
Now that Vice City has been removed from the server for some time, it's time to re-make our cache. Right now, it sits at around 3000 files, however easily about 2500 of these were from Vice City. Now that Vice City is gone, so too should it's files. So, we'll re-build a new cache so that you never have to download 3000 files to play on the server again.

5. New Event Type:
We'll be adding a new special event type. It's called: Airborne Assault.

It's exactly as it sounds. One team is defending a location, another team has to parachute down and assault the position. Ultimately, it's a Team Deathmatch-type event, but with the added twist of a parachute assault. No set attack direction, the attackers parachute in to wherever they want.

6. New Parkour Map:
This one is exactly as the title says. We're aiming to add a third parkour map, with a reward automatically given if you're able to reach the end.

Actually.. they'll all have rewards automatically given for reaching the end as of this update. Now there will actually be a reason to play parkour maps.

7. New Lobby Area Upgrading:
Do you remember that new area of the lobby added just a couple of updates ago?
It's time to improve it. It's time to decorate it. No more bare-wooden walls.

8. New Room for DM:
As the title says. Whilst we're there upgrading the new Lobby room, we might as well add to the /dm arena, no?
So, that's what we'll do. We'll be adding another room to the DM arena, one that you miiiiight want to be careful in. Don't say I didn't warn you.

9. Easter Event:
Easter is a Christian holiday celebrated on the 31st March for this year. For the past 3 or 4 years now, we've done an annual easter-egg hunt event, where you can receive rewards for finding the eggs.

This year, we're going to stick with tradition and have another easter-egg hunt!
This time though, it'll be bigger and better. How, I hear you ask?

MORE EGGS! That's right, instead of the usual 10-20 eggs that are usually placed in the world map, this time there will be 50.
There will even be difficulties too. For example, the blue eggs may be really easy to find and so offer little rewards, whereas the pink eggs may be extremely difficult to find but offer huge rewards.

And I do mean HUGE rewards. Not just $2000 and 10 score like last year. No no, you could earn up to $50,000 and 500 score on a single egg! There will be other rewards too, including a limited-time special vehicle, only for those who find that egg.
The reward incentive will actually be big enough to make you want to go find the eggs.

Additionally, unlike early on in the tradition, all rewards can be instantly collected in-game. No need to DM me a screenshot.

10. The Rest:
This is the boring final bit where I mention the rest, such as continuing to work on bugs, make small adjustments not least including adjustments to the damage system, and so on and so forth. Of course, we'll be doing all of this as necessary.