[SAPP] Update 4.5.1-R0 BETA

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[SAPP] Update 4.5.1-R0 BETA

Post by Rixas » Sat Dec 23, 2023 4:32 pm

Update 4.5.1-R0 BETA
It's finally time for the next update to SA-PP: Update 4.5.1-R0.
You can read the changelog for the update below.

Please note, however, that this is a BETA version. There may be bugs. There will be things missing or incorrect. The update is not yet complete.

However, it's been almost 3 months since the last update, so we have decided to launch it in BETA. It'd be nice to get the Christmas update in (and Halloween stuff out) before Christmas Day actually rolls around, plus with the server playerbase at a low point, we decided it'd be best to push this out now so at the least there's new things to try and play around with.

Whilst there may not be many bugfixes for the BETA over the remaining Christmas Holiday, there will definetely be a lot of work put in after the New Year, based on your feedback and bug reports.

You can even read the Roadmap for the first half of 2024 here: viewtopic.php?p=938#p938

Please also note that the point of the update is to re-fresh the server.. as such, some things which you think worked fine might have been changed. Please don't complain that things were fine as they were and didn't need changing; the whole point is to re-fresh things to make the server feel slightly different to play.

Again, this update will be buggy.. there's no denying that. But we hope, with your help, we can find and identify issues in no time.
If it becomes too much, we will simply revert to the previous working stable version of SAPP.

PS. The update has been worked on for the last few months. I've definitely forgotten a few things added/changed, and as such things are probably missing from the changelog.

Thank you all for the co-operation and patience, and we wish you Happy Holidays.

-SAPP Management.

This is a list of all KNOWN issues with the BETA version, and this list will be regularly updated so make sure to keep checking here before filing a bug report or complaint, and thank you for your patience.

1. /stats > Vehicles does not display. This is meant to display current /copcar, /suscar and /vipcar selections.

2. HSIU Spawner /buy item does not save purchase to the database. Had to be removed from the server for now.



Overhauled tracking system.
It now relies on in-world reasons for such info being given to the police, such as for passing CCTV Cameras or security booths.
Passing such places will automatically put a checkpoint down for cops, as well as a message telling them where you are.
The manual /track system base timer has been increased to 60 seconds to compensate, but can still be reduced by small amounts for reaching certain levels or being a certain class.

Revamped the Damage System.
Damages and Ranges have seem some minor changes and adjustments, with the entire Damage script being altered or re-written in parts. Don't worry, damages are still close to their original amounts (we know people don't want to see huge changes, so we've tried to keep things equal in balance).
There are also now more damage effects (think the Leg Damage limping effect).
The way custom damages are applied has been changed; instead of adjusting player health to the correct figure after the initial damage was applied, the new system automatically sets the initial damage to the correct damage amount. This means that the fact there is custom damages is a lot smoother and less noticeable.

Simplified the shop system.
You can now simply type /buy [item wanted] [number of item].
You can view all available shop items using the command /shop, which will tell you the name and price of each item available.
Additionally, several redundant shop items were removed: Shop Anywhere, Vehicles (now dished out in progression system), Ammo Purchases (due to each class having their own ammo/weapon positives/negatives), Teargas (due to it not working half the time), and Repair Tire Kits (due to now being incorporated in /repair).
You can still use owned Teargas and Repair Tire Kits, but you will not be able to purchase any more.

Simplified the car selection system.
You can now simply use /copcar, /suscar or /vipcar to select the corresponding vehicles.
Use: /copcar [name] (e.g /copcar Premier) OR /vipcar [name] (e.g /vipcar Infernus) OR /suscar [doors] [name] (e.g /suscar 4 Premier or /suscar 2 Flash).
Using the commands without inputting the names will tell you most of the vehicles available to you based on your Level and Class.
You can also use /carlist if you don't remember the name or ID of a vehicle.

Added new marker and names colour schemes.
See this image for the full list: https://imgur.com/a/SS6N6pv
NOTE: The Dark Red and Light Red meanings have been swapped. Dark Red is now Medics, Light Red is default.

Added Progression system.
Reaching certain Score milestones will increase your level. The higher your level, the more things you have unlocked. Not only is there the regular unlocks, like new /takegun weapons, but additional benefits for higher levels such as larger /lock range, more taser ammo, lower cooldowns etc. You can view all the levels and their unlocks here: viewtopic.php?p=930#p930

Added Classes system.
You now have the ability to select different classes to play as. Classes give both benefits and negatives, so weigh up your options carefully. You can pick between 7 class options for the police, and 6 for the suspects. You can change your class using /class. Selecting a class will send you a message detailing it's positives and negatives.
-/takegun will become useable by suspects as well, where the suspects can take the TEC-9 and country rifle, if they desire.
-Increased tase effect time from 20 seconds to 25 seconds.

-Increased Max HSIUs from 3 up to 4.
-Altered HSIU:Players ratios.
-Altered Police:Suspects ratios.
-Added new "Presidential Clash" event; Donald Trump vs Joe Biden.
-Add news Convoy (Barracks) Event.
-Added 2 new Random Races (randomly selected vehicles).
-Added 3 new pursuits, one for each city.

-/ram now has a 20% chance of failing, making door blockades occasionally more efficient. Cops will have to use /ram again.
-/buy has a 5% chance to refund 50% of your total purchase price, on peak days only (Friday-Sunday).
-You can view all owned /shop items in the /stats > Inventory section.

-Added new room to the Lobby.
-Added ability to see active /dm players from inside the new Lobby room.
-You can now only use /freeroam, /parkour and /parkour 2 in the correct corresponding location.

-/stats is now a dialog split in to categories.
-Added abillity for staff to lock/unlock tolls in-case toll locks ever get stuck or broken.
-Added 3 new generic default license plates.
-Increased cuff limitation to the tasing officer, from 9 seconds to 12 seconds.
-Added Christmas mapping.

-Added Suicide Ram detection system.
-Prevented damage being applied to those who are frozen in the "anti-ramming on foot players" system.
-Updated the "No Ninja-Jacking" warning to give an automatic punishment + alert to staff.
-Removed ability to tase or beanbag someone who is in /handsup (hu) or /frontfall (/ff)
-Added 12 new dead-ends where placing /spike is automatically prohibited.

-Removed unused Island off the coast of Verona Beach.
-Removed grass parking lot in East LS.
-Reduced mapping around Idlewood.
-Removed fencing, that could be driven through, in East LS.
-Removed Market Station mapping.
-Removed giant floating mountain road thing off the side of LV-Palamino train bridge.
-Removed restaurant on the western SF Pier.
-Removed SF Doherty parking lot construction.
-Removed speedbump from Grove Street.
-Removed Flint County Scrapyard objects (near Verona Beach toll)
-Removed SF Pier 69 objects.

-Removed /blackmarket system. May return in a new form in a future update.
-Removed squads due to conflict with the new class system. We aim to return this in a future update.
-Removed Halloween Mapping & Events.
-Removed /mytime and /myweather.

-Fixed damage system being inconsistent on whether is applies damage to armour or not.
-Fixed /taser not giving a useable weapon back when in AR-only rounds.
-Fixed /stats not showing beyond certain lines.
-Fixed a cut-content Levels textdraw occasionally appearing below the MPH/KMH textdraw.
-Fixed a bug where both MPH and KMH speedos would show at the same time, regardless of settings.
-Fixed Toll Locking not announcing locks/unlocks correctly.
-Removed /armor from freeroam due to conflicts with anticheat.